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Overwatch Tier List

Breakdown For this first Overwatch tier list, I’m only examining ranked games in the United States. (I’ll do the different regions in the future, as well as filter by different [...]

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is live

Its that time of the year folks. Break out the hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music and start grinding those loot boxes. In addition to all the standard holiday themed items, Hanamura and [...]


My Beef With Mass Effect

I was waiting for years for this game. Years waiting patiently to explore all the new planets a Mass Effect from the year 2017 would have waiting for me. Patiently waiting to have the main [...]


Why I hate Anime

So many cliches… One of my friends recently suggested I try out some anime. The conversation went like this: Stupid Friend: Yo Party Bus! You should watch some anime while you’re on [...]

How to save some cash on your gaming collection

Hello fellow gamers! How’s that collection of yours? Has Gaben stolen all your well earned cash? Is Gamestop fleecing your wallet for that new title? I think its time we sit down and have a [...]

Personal Competitive Gaming and Drive

eSports. You hear that word thrown around a lot nowadays as the world has come to grow accustomed to the idea of competitive gaming being a “thing.” But every competitive gamer had to [...]

Yellow Journalism, and the Party Bus Problem

@partybusjohnson69 has recently been writing articles out of his ass with no knowledge of how the world works. He recently wrote several articles trashing Nintendo, and that’s what [...]

Zero Time Dilemma – Great Game or GREATEST Game?

Taking a break from partying and slamming chicks on the weekend, I spent some time with this little gem after my friend informed me that it was on Sale on Steam. This game did not disappoint. [...]

How Online Game Reviews Are Ruining Everything

Online Game Reviews Ruin Everything Picture this scenario. Your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you. You’re fucking pissed. You got chewed out at work after your wife rejected you [...]

Review of the 2016 Game Awards

I watched the 2016 Game Awards. I wasn’t really impressed. Not saying that games in 2016 sucked, they definitely did not suck, but the awards went to all the wrong games. I’ll go over [...]

Anatomy of a Scalper – What Makes These Shitty People Tick?

It’s the holidays, and I am pissed. I’m pissed because: I’m always fucking pissed. Scalpers. But you’re all like, “Party Bus, slow down. Scalpers aren’t so [...]