Split Screen Cheater

I grew up in a house with all brothers. We were all highly competitive. Back when multiplayer games were simply split screens, I would always cheat and look at my brother’s screens. After that, I would yell at my brothers for looking at my screen, so they wouldn’t accuse me of doing the same. I [...]

Nexus 2.0 Challenge revealed

The Nexus challenges are back, once again adding synergy between Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. The premise is simple, play HotS with friends and unlock rewards. This can be done  against AI or in Quick Match, Ranked and Unranked. Blizzard has brought down the minimum games to play down to [...]

D.Va announced for Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm has been incorporating a lot of Overwatch lately. The new 2.0 patch brought over Genji as a playable character and Hanamura as a new map. Well, the new cinematic trailer has shown us that they don’t plan on stopping there. D.va will be joining the fray soon.  A release [...]

Nintendo Direct Review (04.12.17)

The newest Nintendo Direct started heavy with 3DS games. There were a few notable games that stood out. Namely, the new Pikmin game, Hey! Pikmin, is entirely in 2D. I still don’t know how I feel about that, it could totally be a piece of shit. Or it could work really well. There was also [...]

Overwatch Insurrection starts April 11th

We’re near another holiday so its time for another Overwatch event. This one isn’t filled with bunnies though. Starting tomorrow, Overwatch will be running their Insurrection event which takes us back in game’s timeline. Overwatch and Blackwatch are still fighting against the [...]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a really fun game, but it’s just held down by a host of technical problems. Normally, I can forgive technical issues, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay, but Mass Effect screws that up too. It still takes you through massive worlds, with side [...]

My Beef With Mass Effect

I was waiting for years for this game. Years waiting patiently to explore all the new planets a Mass Effect from the year 2017 would have waiting for me. Patiently waiting to have the main protagonist have sex with every hot alien chick I could find. Mass Effect Andromeda lets me do that, but [...]

Destiny 2 release day announced

Destiny fans rejoice! Bungie has revealed that the newest entry in the series will drop on September 8th this year. In addition to PS4 and Xbox one , PC players will finally get to join in on the fun. It looks like this will be a clean break from the plot established in the previous […]

Atlus releases Persona 5 DLC Pricing

It seems that DLC has even invaded the Persona universe.  Atlus has announced the pricing data for their planned costumes sets, music tracks and special summons from previous games. I have to admit that I’ll probably cave in and pick up the Catherine set. Here is the breakdown. April 11 [...]

Fire Emblem Echoes receives limited edition.

You can add another limited edition game to the list of products you wont be able to find from Nintendo. Fire Emblem Echoes is receiving the special edition treatment for the low low price of $60. This will net you the following.   Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Game A Hardcover [...]

Mass Effect Andromeda: First Impressions

Its finally time, Mass Effect Andromeda is upon us. Can the Mass Effect universe survive without everyone’s favorite N7 Specter at the Helm? Well, I’ve put down some cash for the trial on the newest installment so you don’t have to. Here is my first impression of Mass Effect [...]

My Problem With The Stingy Video Game Market

Hi all, Party Bus here. It’s been a while since I wrote another killer article, but the truth is I was away on vacation and was having a good time. There were no video games on my sabbatical. It was glorious. Now I’m back and facing all sorts of stupid shit, so without further [...]

Nintendo doubles down on Fire Emblem

I’ll lead with the fact that I am a big Fire Emblem fan, so today’s Nintendo Treehouse event was very satisfying for me. Nintendo dropped 4 new titles  for the next year, so my tactics itch will be satiated for a while. Let’s go through the titles. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows [...]

Nintendo Switch Roundup

After months of hype and speculation, Nintendo’s conference last night has revealed the details behind the Switch (cue fingersnap). The console has a solid release date 3/3/2017 . Lets take a quick look on what was revealed.   The Hardware The Switch will be retailing for $300 and [...]

Overwatch Tier List

Breakdown For this first Overwatch tier list, I’m only examining ranked games in the United States. (I’ll do the different regions in the future, as well as filter by different divisions.) The heroes are broken into three different groups: DPS, Tank, and Support. Each group looks at [...]

Opening Balances – An Introduction

Dirty Valjean – An Introduction I have been studying the dynamic relationship between genders and seduction for over a decade now. A lot of guys feel embarrassed to ask about advice when it comes to dating, as they feel like they should know this. This is the furthest thing from the [...]

Overwatch: Why Your Team is Trash

You’ve been there before: you have gold elims, healing, and damage as Zenyatta in a ranked game. You’re getting kills, but your team is still losing somehow. Why are they so bad? Why do you keep getting matched with trash teammates? Well, I’ve played about 300 hours of [...]

Why I hate Anime

So many cliches… One of my friends recently suggested I try out some anime. The conversation went like this: Stupid Friend: Yo Party Bus! You should watch some anime while you’re on vacation. Do you like a good story and great characters? Me: Sure. Stupid Friend: Ah! Then [...]

INSIDE: Review

INSIDE is a complete mystery. I’ve never played a game just to see if I can uncover a little bit more of the story. I would play half an hour more, just to see if I can get another clue behind the decrepit dystopia that is its world. The world is pretty barren of any […]

Phone Games Destroyed Nintendo 3DS

Mobile phone games are terrible. All of them. This by itself isn’t news, and this article is way overdue. I’ve tried giving mobile games a try, from single player to online multiplayer. They’re all bad. Now, I know alot of people have their favorite mobile game, and [...]

Sexuality in Games and Why We Need More of It

Overt Sexuality in Games is Well Received I took a poll of a bunch of dudes that play video games. The study you ask? How much overt sexuality in games directly aids the experience. The results were flabbergasting. Most people polled wanted to play the games with the better looking people. So I [...]

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is live

Its that time of the year folks. Break out the hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music and start grinding those loot boxes. In addition to all the standard holiday themed items, Hanamura and Kings Rows will be decorated with a Christmas theme. There is also an additional Snow Brawl mode for [...]

Grab A Beer, You’re Just In Time For…

Welcome to Bytes N’ Brews, an adult Letsplay Channel for adult Gamers. The concept is simple, we pair every game we play with a thematically relevant, craft beer and occasionally say something funny. We focus primarily on console gaming and terrible 90’s action movie references. We [...]

Yellow Journalism, and the Party Bus Problem

@partybusjohnson69 has recently been writing articles out of his ass with no knowledge of how the world works. He recently wrote several articles trashing Nintendo, and that’s what I’m here to defend. Nintendo has been an amazing company, which has been in operation for over 100 [...]

Anatomy of a Scalper – What Makes These Shitty People Tick?

It’s the holidays, and I am pissed. I’m pissed because: I’m always fucking pissed. Scalpers. But you’re all like, “Party Bus, slow down. Scalpers aren’t so bad…” The fuck they ain’t! Check out this example below: That’s $235 for [...]

I Can’t Oculus

I finally got an Oculus! The plan was to play Dreadhalls and upload a “Let’s Play” video with this article, but I can’t do it guys. I’m sorry. I can’t. The Oculus makes me feel too fucking sick. I did, however, manage to get through a little bit of the game [...]

Everything We Know on the Nintendo Switch

Reggie Fils-Aime went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and gave more details on the Nintendo Switch. Even Shigeru Miyamoto made an appearance! Ever since that first teaser video in October, I have been scouring the internet for any update on this new Nintendo Switch. Suffice to say I [...]

How Online Game Reviews Are Ruining Everything

Online Game Reviews Ruin Everything Picture this scenario. Your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you. You’re fucking pissed. You got chewed out at work after your wife rejected you for sex. Now you’re really fucking pissed. Some asshole bum stole your techno Christmas light [...]

Lab Zero Games teams up with Studio Trigger for Indivisible

Lab Zero Games stole my heart with Skullgirls. It was truly a passion project from the studio and it shows in all aspects of the game from the hand drawn sprites to the best training mode you will find. It is the best fighting game that unfortunately never took hold in the competitive fighting [...]

How to save some cash on your gaming collection

Hello fellow gamers! How’s that collection of yours? Has Gaben stolen all your well earned cash? Is Gamestop fleecing your wallet for that new title? I think its time we sit down and have a chat so you can keep some of that cash in your pocket. It’s ok friend, I’m not going to [...]

PlayStation Experience: Reminding you why you bought a PS4

Another month another gaming conference. We all remember Sony’s previous showing at this year’s E3, everyone walked away with a reason why they would eventually need a PS4. God of war 4, Kingdom hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII remake, Shenmue 3, Horizion Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, [...]

Review of the 2016 Game Awards

I watched the 2016 Game Awards. I wasn’t really impressed. Not saying that games in 2016 sucked, they definitely did not suck, but the awards went to all the wrong games. I’ll go over each category that I disagreed with and drop my two cents, actually my opinion is worth more, [...]

My Drive to Start a Gaming Site, and Donald Trump

Review Site v1.0 Meta Game has been in my mind for about 2 years. I first realized that I wanted to make the site when I realized that I was paying so much attention to Steam user reviews. IGN and Gamespot gave a PC port of Batman a good review, as they were just extending […]

Personal Competitive Gaming and Drive

eSports. You hear that word thrown around a lot nowadays as the world has come to grow accustomed to the idea of competitive gaming being a “thing.” But every competitive gamer had to start somewhere. If you strip away all the light shows and stages and sold out arenas, you get [...]

The Art of the Ninten-Boning – An Illustrated Look At How Nintendo Screws Over Their Fans

This holiday season, one of the hottest deals out there was the $99.99 New 3DS. I really wanted it. Not for me, but I wanted to get it for my little brother to get him into the Nintendo 3DS eco-system. The $99.99 3DS was almost too perfect a present. Unfortunately for me, Nintendo had another [...]

Steam’s Autumn Sale Is the Coolest Fucking Thing Ever!

Steam’s Autumn Sale is going on now. They have a lot of cool shit on sale right now—surprisingly the one I was most taken with so far is the $19.99 Steam Link. That time of year when you find yourself horribly broke has come early. I could buy presents for my shitty family, but what have [...]

Overwatch: The Definitive Review

I recently wrote an embarrassing article admitting my addiction to Overwatch. Since I’ve started this website, the addiction has gotten better, and I’ve decided to review the game I’ve spent over 200 hours on. Style, and Lots of It The first thing I noticed about this game is [...]

Apple Book – An Uninformed Review

Apple is releasing an Apple Book. Just a fucking book, and the high-end one comes at a price of $300. I thought this was a joke, but it is most definitely not. Based on this information, I felt it wise to write an early bird review on this product (this expensive ass book releases tomorrow).

Nintendo’s Big Fuck You To the Fans

You may or may not have heard… The Nintendo Classic came out. You also may have heard… It’s already sold out. I am the biggest (I should say was) Nintendo Fan-Boy ever. It was reasons like this that have jaded my perspective on Nintendo. They don’t take the consumer into [...]

Zero Time Dilemma – Great Game or GREATEST Game?

Taking a break from partying and slamming chicks on the weekend, I spent some time with this little gem after my friend informed me that it was on Sale on Steam. This game did not disappoint. This game is the third in the series. I have played both of the prequels (and absolutely loved them [...]

How Firewatch Changed My Life

 (I want to talk about the game at a deep level, and I can’t do that without spoiling the hell out of it. So…. big spoilers ahead.) Firewatch is the best game I’ve played in recent memory. It does what very good movies and books do: it made me contemplate life and all of [...]