Gamer Confessions

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  • The Dirty Split Screen Watcher

    I grew up in a house with all brothers. We were all highly competitive. Back when multiplayer games were simply split screens, I would always cheat and look at my brother’s screens. After that, I would yell at my brothers for looking at my screen, so they wouldn’t accuse me of doing the same.

    I never told my brothers that, even after 10 years of moving out.

    • Wilie Nelson

      You’re the reason why I killed my brothers.

  • poor gamer kid

    when i was a kid, i would always lie about having the newest systems. i didn’t want to admit i was too poor to afford them, so I would just say i have everything. When i would have friends come over, i would say that i was letting a friend or a cousin borrow the console.

    I wouldn’t lie about having anything else of value, from my parents having a car, or anything that would make me seem less poor. But, for some reason, i always wanted to make sure everyone knew i had every game ever

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