Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is live with free character bundles

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In case you been away from the internet for the last few days, blizzard has been hard at work revamping HotS. The new patch will be implementing the lootbox system that has been working for them in Overwatch. Emojis, sprays and banners are all being added for a little personalization on the battlefield. In addition to this, they are bringing over the loadout system that has been recently added to Overwatch so you can hold multiple voice lines, emoji, etc. The in game store has been overhauled to use a new gem currency which you can purchase with cold hard cash.

As for gameplay, Genji is now a playable character and his hometown of Hanamura will be a new map in the game.  Cassia from Diablo will also be playable as a new hero. A huge perk blizzard is offering this time around is if you sign in during the first month of this patch being live, you will score a free mega bundle simply for logging in.  The pack will contain 20 heroes dependent on the role you choose.  They bundles are broken down by following roles.





You can only get one pack, so make sure you take a moment to figure out what your play style is. The free bundle is available April 25 – May 22. So you don’t have to sign in immediately, but sooner is better than later.



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