My Beef With Mass Effect

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I was waiting for years for this game. Years waiting patiently to explore all the new planets a Mass Effect from the year 2017 would have waiting for me. Patiently waiting to have the main protagonist have sex with every hot alien chick I could find. Mass Effect Andromeda lets me do that, but it’s a glitchy fucking mess.

Mass Effect Glitch

You will see plenty of NPC’s walk through objects in this broken mess.

My Beef With Pre-Game Hype and Pre-Orders

A long time ago, games were worth getting hyped about. You didn’t get a half-finished piece of shit, but you got the full experience right away. Games that were hyped beforehand generally lived up to it. You weren’t stupid for pre-ordering.

Nowadays, there is no perk to pre-ordering. Games stumble out of the gate requiring extensive patches, and sometimes that isn’t even enough. Mass Effect Andromeda is twenty patches away from being good, but when is that going to happen? EA is punishing their most ardent fans for being loyal fans and placing their faith into EA and the products they make. EA took a fat shit on those people with this game. As a gaming fan, I would be pissed having spent $60 on something that isn’t even polished yet. I got doubly fucked as I purchased this game on PC.

A Troubling Trend

This is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. And EA will not be the last company to fuck over their fans. It is a troubling trend that game companies think is OK to do to their fans. Well, it’s not OK. This game is not complete. I am not saying it from a subjective point of view, but rather from a technical one. If the story sucked (Mass Effect 3 for some people) I would not feel so ripped off. Mass Effect 3 was technically a very polished game. It was fun. I’ve played games before that were simply not my style (pretty much every Grand Theft Auto) but I could still see the value in the game. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Then there are games that feel lazily done and are an insult to a consumer. They are blatantly taking your money while they get their shit together. Sometimes they never even get to that point and just quit leaving you with a broken product. Batman: Arkham Knight for PC, I am looking at you.


No More Pre-Orders

What can we do about this? Shut down the lucrative pre-order market. The only people I see losing on this are Gamestop, but those guys are assholes anyway. Any company that only discounts $5 on a game that is used to hell is deserving of any punishment headed their way. The pre-order market is based solely on selling you a promise. Sure, there are some games that live up to their hype (Persona 5, as a recent example) but there are just as many shitty games that come out that aren’t even finished. The only way to stop this toxic trend is to hit them where it hurts: their bank accounts.

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