Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a really fun game, but it’s just held down by a host of technical problems. Normally, I can forgive technical issues, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay, but Mass Effect screws that up too. It still takes you through massive worlds, with side quests to entertain you. However, at the end of the day, Mass Effect: Andromeda just doesn’t feel like a complete game.

Mass Effect Gameplay: Angara

The worlds in Mass Effect do look beautiful

Everyone has seen some of the hilarious outtakes dealing with the stiff animations, but if you haven’t, check out Dunkey’s video on it:


In the video, Dunkey is a bit harsh on the game, but he brings up good points. The dialog is pretty bad, they bring back annoying parts from the earlier series (who the fuck wanted to bring back research and development?!), and the menus are all over the place.

Bugs, And Lots of Them

Immediately, once you start playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, something feels off. From the way your character moves, to odd rendering issues, and even when you talk to NPC’s, it feels oddly stiff and wrong. It’s hard to focus on all of the lush scenery with these issues, which is a complete shame. There’s so much effort in the backgrounds, and every world is stunning in it’s own way.

For the most part, the technical issues don’t stop your enjoyment. However, I had to reload the game on three different occasions, because I couldn’t hit a switch, or talk to an NPC to finish a mission. On one of those occasions, I lost 3 hours or progress. (Save Often!) This is unforgivable. I’ve never been struck that hard by stupid technical issues, and it was beyond frustrating to deal with.

With all of this Bad, where is the Good?

Despite all of it’s technical problems, Andromeda still delivers some of the best firefights¬†in any game. Your character is incredibly mobile, and all of the different powers feel fresh. Most of them are tweaks from previous games, but there’s enough new material to make it stand out. Also, dashing in and out of cover to take pot shots never gets boring. On top of that, multiplayer will keep you entertained for hours. Finally, there are some really shitty side-quests, but just avoid those. (Random fetch quests and collect-a-thons.) There is enough good content- that the bad can just be left out.

Closing Thoughts

The best way I can sum up Mass Effect: Andromeda is that it’s a really fun game, but it just needs more dev time. The developers have already said they’re coming out with a patch to fix some animation issues, and I hope they catch some of the rendering issues as well. If they just took a few more months to really get it right, this game could have been legendary, rather than a good game with big holes.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review








        Bugs/Issues/Random Shit





            • Beautiful Worlds to Explore
            • Sudoku Style Puzzles are Really Fun
            • Tons of Quests with depth
            • Combat is Intense


            • Bugs
            • Fucking Bugs
            • Story is a Joke
            • Menus are a Disaster

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