My Problem With The Stingy Video Game Market

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Hi all, Party Bus here. It’s been a while since I wrote another killer article, but the truth is I was away on vacation and was having a good time. There were no video games on my sabbatical. It was glorious. Now I’m back and facing all sorts of stupid shit, so without further ado…

Dead Pixels on Nintendo Switch are the “People’s Problem”

So Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch. I got my hands on it, and it’s a piece of shit. Look for an in-depth review later this week on this. That’s not the issue at play here, however. A couple of these devices went out with dead pixels. Most non video game companies would be working on ways to replace said devices. Not fucking Nintendo. They say it’s not their problem, and that broken ass fucking devices they ship out are “normal” and should not be considered a defect (here is the link if you don’t believe me). That is un-fucking-believable. You have die hard fans fighting for Nintendo every day, and they repay them with this ass-fuckery. Fuck. Them.

Sony Doesn’t Give Refunds on Digital Purchases

This is a story that really happened. It happened twice actually. Both involved my ass hat kid ordering shit he wasn’t supposed to.

In story number one my ass hat kid orders a bunch stupid shit from Amazon’s digital store. I’m pissed since he bought $50 worth of shit, and even more pissed when I find that one of these purchases was this piece of shit. However, I called Amazon and they reimbursed me my money fully after I explained my situation. They were very nice, and the whole thing blew over rather quickly.

Now, a similar situation happened but this time with Sony. This time my ass hat kid ordered a year of Playstation Now and Odin Sphere. I called¬†Sony, and they gave me the old circle jerk for an hour. They then told me that they don’t give refunds for digital purchases. I was pissed. Finally after a ton of fighting, they agreed to give me a refund for the PS Now only, and I would have to wait three weeks. Odin Sphere was here to stay (which could have been worse, as the game is actually very good). When I finally got my refund it was in store credit for Sony’s Online store.

Sony Online Store

Moral of the Story

Moral of the story, video game companies suck. They have shitty policies, and seem to have a total disregard for their most loyal fans. You got these guys fighting for their consoles and the ones they are fighting for couldn’t give any less of a shit about them.

Don’t be an idiot. Don’t spend a dime on Nintendo’s over-priced peripherals. Don’t put up with stringent policies like Sony’s. We should not have to put up with this shit.

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