Nintendo doubles down on Fire Emblem

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I’ll lead with the fact that I am a big Fire Emblem fan, so today’s Nintendo Treehouse event was very satisfying for me. Nintendo dropped 4 new titles  for the next year, so my tactics itch will be satiated for a while. Let’s go through the titles.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

This title is a remake/ extended reimaging of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game in the series. As this title was never released in the US this will is a great chance to go back an catch up on the earlier stories in the series. The game will be releasing on the 3DS on may 19th of this year. This gives you some time to go out and find a copy of the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on the DS as there should be some references to the first game ( Shadow Dragon is a remaster version of the original fire emblem which features Marth). Along with the traditional gameplay, Echoes will also include dungeons (an element not seen in later installments), Fully animated story cutscenes by Sudio Khara, and update graphics to match Awakening/Fates.



Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch (Working Title)

A console Fire Emblem title is in the works. Should be out in 2018, that is all.



Fire Emblem Warriors


Koei Tecmo is teaming up with Nintendo again for another Warriors game. More hacking and slashing of those poor nameless mooks. But this time with your favorite Fire Emblem characters! With a 26 year history I’m expecting a deep roster of playable characters (c’mon Lyn!). It will be coming out in late 2017 on the Switch and there is also a New 3ds version in development.



Fire Emblem Heroes

A phone version of Fire Emblem. The verdict is still out on this one it has the same gameplay, but on a very small scale compared to a normal retail game. The demo mostly showcased a teams up 4 to battle with. This is rather surprising as there has been much more depth on smaller systems. It seems optimized for very quick battles on small maps. Of course there is a game to summon new heroes, with micro transactions for more orbs no doubt. The graphics have gone chibi in this version. Just enough to up the cute factor on of the game’s on the battle sequences.



Additional Items

For those who collect Amiibo’s its your lucky day. There will be a double pack containing Alm and Celica going on sale the same day as Shadows of Valencia.








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