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For this first Overwatch tier list, I’m only examining ranked games in the United States. (I’ll do the different regions in the future, as well as filter by different divisions.) The heroes are broken into three different groups: DPS, Tank, and Support. Each group looks at what makes a hero effective. For DPS, I was mostly looking at eliminations, damage, etc. For tanks, damage done is still important, but damage blocked is also taken into account. I can go over the full algorithm, but let’s take a quick look at the tier list first.

Best Tank: D.Va

The tier list for tanks is:

  1. D.Va
  2. Zarya
  3. Roadhog
  4. Winston
  5. Reinhardt

We all know that D.Va is busted right now, and the numbers show that. She does insane damage, can eat most ults, and has a zoning ult that can completely turn a fight. Blizzard plz!

Zarya and Roadhog came in a distant second, each with their own strengths. Roadhog gets those picks, but Zarya can save idiots who get hooked by Roadhog. I can’t wait for hook 2.0.

Now, alot of people might freak out that Reinhardt is at the bottom. This calculation is factoring in carry potential, and if your team isn’t working with you, a Reinhardt isn’t going to turn the game around. Also, this algorithm is looking at all ranked games, so most solo queue games aren’t abusing all of Reinhardt’s powers. (Teamwork!)


Best Support: Zenyatta

The tier list for supports is:

  1. Zenyatta
  2. Lucio
  3. Symmetra
  4. Ana
  5. Mercy

Zenyatta doesn’t do the most healing, but he hits like a truck. Since I’m taking total carry potential into account, Zenyatta has the most impact in a game by the numbers.

Even after all of the nerfs, Lucio still has absurd amounts of healing (beating Mercy), along with doing some decent damage for a support. Symmetra and Ana were really close, in terms of effectiveness. The recent symmetra buffs have shown in ranked play, but she’s still not doing enough as a support to really carry the team. Ana has a high skill cap, so non Ana mains might bring the numbers down a bit. I’m thinking Ana will climb when I do a look at only Master and Grand Master games (next week).

Buff Symmetra

Maybe not as buff as we thought…

Best DPS: Soldier: 76

The tier list for DPS is:

  1. Soldier: 76
  2. Pharah
  3. Torbjörn
  4. Bastion
  5. Junkrat
  6. Reaper
  7. Genji
  8. Hanzo
  9. Tracer
  10. McCree
  11. Mei
  12. Widowmaker
  13. Sombra

The buffs to Soldier: 76 have put him at number one in terms of DPS. He has high damage, dies less than Bastion (highest overall damage), and still manages to compete with the highest overall kill counts (Reaper, D.Va being the highest).

With this dirty triple tank meta, Pharah has made a comeback to the scene. Torbjörn and Bastion were nearly tied for third and fourth, but that might go away next week when we only look at Master and Grand Master games.

Even though Mei is bae (I fucking hate this meme), she just isn’t being effective in ranked play. Widow and Sombra trailed in the numbers, taking the last spots.

Final Word

Remember, if you’re a really good Widow, you can always carry a team. This tier list just looks at hero performances across all ranked games in the United States. Check out next weeks article when we only look at top level play, and generate the tier list from the very best players in the region.

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