Phone Games Destroyed Nintendo 3DS

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Mobile phone games are terrible. All of them. This by itself isn’t news, and this article is way overdue. I’ve tried giving mobile games a try, from single player to online multiplayer. They’re all bad. Now, I know alot of people have their favorite mobile game, and they’re convinced that it’s not a piece of trash. Honestly though, every mobile phone game falls short of being as immersive as a game on a dedicated mobile platform (Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita). The worst part of phone games is that they’ve made mobile platforms obsolete.

The Death of Mobile Platforms

I really noticed the death of Nintendo 3DS when I got one for Christmas in 2015. It was all I wanted, since I hadn’t played Zelda: A Link between Worlds, and I had to catch up on two Castlevania games. And, of course, I skipped New Super Mario Bros 2. I’m a Nintendo fanboy, so I was going to pick up the titles at some point. Once I beat the games, I noticed something terrible. There was no first party titles on the horizon. Most games coming out were complete trash. The new Pokemon Sun/Moon were coming, but I really don’t care about those. I’ve always been a fan of mobile gaming, so I checked out the Vita to see if it would fill the void. But, at this point, the Vita was already dead. (There’s a couple of ports incoming, but nothing fresh.) Finally, we can talk about the Switch being a mobile platform, but that’s a whole other disaster in the making. (I’ll share my thoughts on that soon.) All mobile gaming is being replaced by phones, because everyone has one, and they’re getting better specs every day.

Why Mobile Gaming is so Bad

Phone games are terrible because of the complete lack of depth. I became obsessed with Clash Royale for about a month before I realized that the game was built to make me play more. To the uninitiated, the more you play Clash Royale, the more experience your cards get, making them stronger. So, you get better by simply playing more. That system is completely designed to keep you hooked, with very little actual benefit to using strategy. When this really sank in, I tried to stop playing it, but it was really addicting. This is how most mobile phone games are.

The same is true for single player games. I recently picked up Seven Guardians, because I love hack and slash titles. The game also looks phenomenal, and it runs great. After an hour though, it’s nothing more than a grind to level up your characters and keep going. There’s no story. There’s no immersion. And, worst of all, there’s annoying notifications that remind you to come back and lose more time.

Seven Guardians

Not gonna lie, this game is beautiful

This is a really sad state for mobile games to be in, but we’ll see if developers manage to add some depth to phone games in the future.


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