Crytek Closes some Offices after not Paying Employees

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Scumbag Crytek is at it again. About two weeks ago, some anonymous employees posted some images on imgur in an attempt to get the word out about Crytek not paying employees… again. The company has been known to do this in the past, and their Glassdoor reviews all reflect that.

Offices Closing

They recently shut down five studios around the globe. The company is turning their focus to things like the CryEngine as they continue to struggle. The company did land a pretty good deal with Amazon, and together they partnered up and made the Lumberyard Game Engine. I worked with it a bit in the past, and it does work well with all of other Amazon services. (A big reason to use Amazon Web Services for devs.) However, with engine’s like Unreal being free, it was hard to continue working with the engine.

Brought to Justice

All in all, it sucks when we see big companies struggle so damn much, but it’s good to see people speaking out. Remember EA’s treatment of employees? EA defined employee abuse for the video game industry. What do you guys think?


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