Sexuality in Games and Why We Need More of It

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Overt Sexuality in Games is Well Received

I took a poll of a bunch of dudes that play video games. The study you ask? How much overt sexuality in games directly aids the experience. The results were flabbergasting.

sexuality comparison

98% of respondents wanted to play the game featuring the character on the left.

Most people polled wanted to play the games with the better looking people. So I did one where I asked women. Guys are pervs, so I figured that’s what it was. Same fucking thing! Men and women, they wanted to use the people that looked better or cuter. Even women scorned other women that looked more realistic. Guys (who I imagine were straight) overwhelmingly tended to pick the buff guy over the fat guy with male pattern baldness or the ugly characters in game. They wanted the good looking guys, not the ugly ones.

So what fucking gives?

Dr. Party Bus Looks Into The Issue

I conducted hours and hours of research (in between partying) to see what caused this. People play games to fulfill fantasies. So when you fulfill a fantasy, you want as little cosmetic faults as possible. I mean who thinks of a bad ass fantasy with themselves in it and they have a fat ass fucking zit on their face? Or anything less than a six-pack? It just doesn’t happen, and if you say otherwise, you’re full of shit. That’s all it is. It doesn’t create a false impression of beauty that women can never fulfill. It doesn’t emasculate men for not being able to punch down a fucking rock with their fist. It’s just a fantasy in which everything is perfect. What’s wrong with that? Why encumber that with the reality we’re so desperate to escape?


Pikachu is adorable and impossible to hate.

Party Bus’ Final Thought

So next time you see a warrior princess march into battle with nothing but a bra and a thong, or a dude who looks like he’s abused steroids for over a decade, stop and tell yourself this: It’s a fantasy. It’s cool. It’s the artist’s depiction on the matter, and if he wants giant tits or obnoxiously huge biceps, well that’s his thing. That’s their right to do that. I don’t see people getting all butt-hurt because Pikachu is way cuter than a real rat. Have you seen a real rat? They’re fucking hideous! So why get mad when they make people look better than they do in real life?

It’s all fantasy. Get over it.

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