Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is live

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Its that time of the year folks. Break out the hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music and start grinding those loot boxes. In addition to all the standard holiday themed items, Hanamura and Kings Rows will be decorated with a Christmas theme. There is also an additional Snow Brawl mode for those of you that love that arcadey goodness. The event runs through January 2nd.

In addition to this, the new patch changes show that the Symmetra overhaul is finally live. Take her for a spin in a few rounds of no limits to maximize those loot box earnings.

So without further ado, check out all the new skins below!


For those interested in the holiday brawl, Mei’s Snowball Offensive:

And finally, the official trailer from Blizzard:

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    Party Bus Johnson

    I hate Overwatch. The last thing we need is that shit ruining Christmas.

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    Please ignore Party Bus. Keep the OW articles coming!

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