Twitch Releases Automod Today, and It Will Fail

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Twitch released AutoMod today in an attempt to lessen the hate speech and dick emotes that are all over it’s chat. It’s going to fail. Twitch isn’t attacking the problem correctly. The problem isn’t that the audience needs to be censored. Famous Twitch streamers have full time mods that are trying to ban people as fast as they can. People are going to just find creative ways to continue trolling.

The Actual Solution to Toxicity

So I’m talking shit about Twitch, but what would I do about it? Well, there are two reasons why big community chats fail miserably:

  1. Chat is fully anonymous
  2. Entry into chat is easy

Facebook solves the first problem. Although Facebook is toxic (see any fucking political post ever), it’s not nearly as toxic as Twitch chat. People still form coherent thoughts. Twitch chat consists of dick emotes and telling kaceytron to suck a dick and die. The two chat’s aren’t comparable. The solution to 1 is to simply remove some of the anonymity.

For the uninitiated, here’s a look at her chat:

The second problem is a bit harder to nail, but some sites do it well. Some twitch channels have subscriber only chats. It excludes alot of people, but it makes it hard to get into the chat. Once in the chat, people don’t say crazy shit, since it was pretty hard to become a member. I don’t like this, because it goes against allowing everyone to be a part of the community, but it does get the point across. (For instance, if I was going to start moderating the site, I’d kick @partybusjohnson69 and @dtsympathizer off the site, but the site is supposed to allow anyone contributing game related articles on the site.) A better way to deal with trolls is to down vote all of their content/articles, which is something I’m working on now.

Anyway, toxicity isn’t going away, but Twitch is dealing with it completely wrong. What do you guys think?


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