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I finally got an Oculus! The plan was to play Dreadhalls and upload a “Let’s Play” video with this article, but I can’t do it guys. I’m sorry. I can’t. The Oculus makes me feel too fucking sick. I did, however, manage to get through a little bit of the game without puking, and I’ll share some of the screenshots below.


dreadhalls witch

Dreadhalls Witch

The witch is pretty damn scary when you meet her, but I was halfway puking by the time I ran into her. Also, snapping a pic of her, while trying to get a shot of her face was actually surprisingly tough.

Gargoyle Thing

Dreadhalls Gargoyle

Dreadhalls Gargoyle

The gargoyle thing doesn’t move, but apparently I got killed by one when I wasn’t looking. I mean, cool attention to detail, but it was kind of cheesy aside from that.

I’m going to install a few more games and try to keep streaming. Have you guys been getting sick from VR? I keep trying it, but I feel barfy after 20 minutes. Even after taking motion sickness pills (and other pills, wink wink), and I can’t get passed that damn motion sickness. What do?

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    Party Bus Johnson

    Some people are pussies and cannot handle VR.
    People like you.

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    @PARTYBUSJOHNSON69, although I respect your right to post on this website, I highly encourage you to delete your account.

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