How to save some cash on your gaming collection

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Hello fellow gamers! How’s that collection of yours? Has Gaben stolen all your well earned cash? Is Gamestop fleecing your wallet for that new title? I think its time we sit down and have a chat so you can keep some of that cash in your pocket.

It’s ok friend, I’m not going to tell you to stop buying games. I’ve got my own ridiculous backlog that I’m never going to get through. I mean look at this.


I’m just a hypocrite If I tell you that. But you know, if you change your habits just a bit, you can cull the growth of your unplayed backlog a tad and save a lot of cash in the meantime.

TIP 1 Patience is a virtue

I know I know, just don’t buy the game right? So helpful. But no, what I’m saying is do you really need the game right this minute?


Lets face it you are probably knee deep in a game right now, right? Only halfway through the Witcher 3 or you’ve been obsessed with Overwatch the last month. If you bought that game today, would you sit down and play it immediately?

Truth be told, buying a game is like buying a car. The minute you walk off the lot/open it, its resale value is shot. If you buy PC you cant even resell it. Lets take Titanfall2 for example, it launched October 28th for $60. A little over one month later, it is now $30. Well look at that, that’s money in your pocket for a little waiting isn’t it?

Now granted this isn’t going to work for every game. That new Nintendo game isn’t going to drop in price. You have to know your market. But usually if you wait a bit you can save a few bucks.

TIP 2 If you have to buy right away, don’t pay full price

Alright, you need to have the new hotness. But do you really need to pay the full $60 for it? Well, no not really. If you already have a Prime subscription to Amazon you should be taking advantage of their 20% discount on new games (as in just released). Oh, you aren’t a fan of Amazon’s policies you say? Well, Bestbuy offers a similar  20% deal with their “Gamer’s Club”. Note that you will have to pay $30 for a two year membership, but as long as you buy at least 3 brand new games you come out ahead in this offer. Heck, you’ll finally get some kind of discount on a Nintendo product!

TIP 3 PC gaming is generally cheaper

But Proto! I can’t afford an expensive rig and I hear about all these busted ports! This is true, not all AAA games come to PC in the best shape and PCs can get expensive. There is a bit of a trade off here. The best part about console gaming is you can just pop in a game and it works.  But prices on your favorite games will drop a lot faster PC. Besides, you don’t need a top of the line PC play some fun games, a lot of unique indie titles can easily run on that laptop you use for school.

TIP 4 Those indie games usually end up in a bundle

Ok, so this one is a tad counter productive to the whole “backlog growth” concept. But chances are that indie game you’ve been eyeing will end up grouped with other games at humblebundle, indiegala, bundlestars or many other sites like these. For the price of one game you get a handful. Not bad right?

TIP 5 If you are achievement hunting rent don’t buy

Once there was a time when I actually cared about gamerscore, but those days are long past. But why buy a game you are going to burn through in a few days and then trade in? Honestly, you should just get a 2 game rental subscription gamefly and rip through those suckers as fast as you can. If you think one day you may replay it, put it on a wishlist to buy later.

TIP 6 Don’t buy the collector’s edition

Think about the last collector’s edition you bought. Did you really ever use any of that stuff that came with it? An extra $30 for a steelbook and a 30 minute dvd? How long was it till you tossed that cheap Halo 3 helmet into the goodwill pile?

Unless its Zelda, that shit can become rare.


TIP 7 Comparison shop

More of a general tip,  but don’t just go out a buy a game from Gamestop, check and make sure you are getting the best deal. Take a moment to check for the current value of that game. If you are pc gaming, this is super easy as you can use a site like that checks sales prices against multiple digital distributers and even gives you the historic low for the game.

TIP 8 Just cause there is a sale you don’t have to buy anything

Alright, how many game did you buy last steam sale? 5? 10? Did you even get through all of them? Its always cheaper to let a game sit in your wishlist then in your library. Besides, there is always another sale around the corner.

TIP 9 Watch out for pricing on Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo’s digital storefront

Be wary on the pricing for older releases on the digital storefronts for all 3 console makers. They are pretty slow to update their pricing vs the physical product in stores.

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    I tried to buy inside the other day, since it was on sale. To my surprise, it was already in my library… unplayed

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    Party Bus Johnson

    You can buy a lot of drugs and hookers with that money. Or throw a party… On a party bus… with Gary Johnson!

  • Sal Salazar

    No one likes you party bus

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    Jose Salazar

    I agree. That Party Bus fellow seems rather distasteful…

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