Review of the 2016 Game Awards

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I watched the 2016 Game Awards. I wasn’t really impressed. Not saying that games in 2016 sucked, they definitely did not suck, but the awards went to all the wrong games. I’ll go over each category that I disagreed with and drop my two cents, actually my opinion is worth more, so twenty cents.


Best Esports Game – Overwatch

Fuck no. How this beat out League of Legends, is beyond me. I get that League of Legends has been in a decline lately, but it is still the most played game on the planet. It still has the most developed Esports platform (LCS). How the fuck did Overwatch win this? SPOILER ALERT: It will win more.

Best Multiplayer – Overwatch

No, just fucking no. They should have called this category “Best Shooter Multiplayer” since the only featured games were all fucking shooters. As if multiplayer did not consist of other genres. So much fucking hate!

Civilization VI

Best Strategy Game – Civilization VI

I don’t have so much seething anger for this pick. I just feel like Fire Emblem Fates should have got the nod here. Don’t get me wrong, Civilization VI is fucking bad ass, but Fire Emblem Fates is back of the car blowjob good. You can’t compete with that.


Best Action/Adventure Game – Dishonored 2

If a game is in the same category as Uncharted 4, how the hell does it win? Because these judges are stupid. Uncharted 4 is objectively the better game, but they gave it to Dishonored 2 (a broken fucking mess on PC when it launched) instead. Good call assholes.


Best Indie Game – Inside

I guess I can’t bitch too hard on this one. Indie devs were relegated to one fucking category for the entire awards show, while that piece of shit Overwatch won three awards and was nominated for five. They were on a couple of other categories (like music and art), but for a sector that makes up such a large part of gaming (especially PC) I feel indies got shafted. I would have gone with StarDdew Valley for the win though. Just sayin’.

Best Game Direction and Game of the Year – Tie in the Bullshit Meter

You’ll never guess who won these two. Fucking Overwatch. So many awesome games in 2016 and they went with a shitty shooter that didn’t really bring anything new to the genre. I guess the graphics are bad ass and it has a gorilla (who is also bad ass). Overall, it’s still a piece of shit and completely undeserving of the award.

Overall Takeaway – Pissed Off

The Game Awards is a new concept. It barely got started in 2014, in which it pissed me off for awarding Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Awards (that game sucked). It created hope in me in 2015 when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was awarded top honors. I mean the game has got naked chicks, killing things, and bad ass weapons! A fun time is nothing but guaranteed! All that, only to lose me again this year. We’ll see what 2017 brings, but I am not too optimistic. I can see Overwatch 2.5 taking in all the awards again, and I can’t bear with that shitty thought right now.

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    I agree, it’s bullshit. Overwatch deserves more awards.

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    Khachaturian the Martyr

    @partybusjohnson69 You are no longer allowed to write articles for this prestigious site. Delete your account.

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    Party Bus Johnson

    It people like the both of you that make shitty games happen. Blizzard makes a shitty game and you guys buy it.

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