My Drive to Start a Gaming Site, and Donald Trump

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Review Site v1.0

Meta Game has been in my mind for about 2 years. I first realized that I wanted to make the site when I realized that I was paying so much attention to Steam user reviews. IGN and Gamespot gave a PC port of Batman a good review, as they were just extending their review from the PS4 and XBone. Anyone who played the game on PC knew it was busted.

So, then I had an idea: if I’m paying so much attention to Steam reviews, there should be a site devoted to user game reviews. That was the first iteration. It took me a few months before I finally decided to act on the idea, and the result was a piece of shit site that was never set live. (You couldn’t actually go to it; some of the site files were just sitting on my computer.) I’m too ashamed to show it, but trust bro, it was bad.

Game-O-Pedia, aka, terrible idea v2.0

Fast forward a year, and I try to start a game site based on a Wiki engine. It looks terrible, but I want to stand the site up. I write up some test articles, and I try to get it moving. Anyone (even anonymous users) edit the site, and it immediately got hacked by some l33t hackers in Europe. I can’t show you the site: I had to take it down because the hackers were hiking the site costs.

The year of Trump

Fast forward another few months. I kept thinking about the website, and I told some coworkers and my wife about it. Naturally enough, I just procrasturbated and nothing was done. Also in this year, for the first time, I really started following politics. With Trump and Clinton running, it was easy to find loud ass articles to read. I, like everyone else, thought Clinton had it in the bag. I remember one MSNBC guest (professor from some university) saying that Hillary has a 99 percent chance of winning, and anything higher would simply sound “silly”. Okay, I said, I’ll tune in on election night and watch Clinton take it.

But as I watched on election night, along with alot of others, Clinton wasn’t winning. By about 10 PM, I decided to stop watching the election and go to bed. It wasn’t working: I’d wake up every few minutes to check the status of the election. “Is it over?” I’d ask my wife. “No, Trump is still winning.”

In Calamity, an Epiphany

I crawled back into bed, trying to sleep again. My eyes were wide awake – the normal mixture of sleeping pills and sex weren’t enough to knock me out. My mind is always in overdrive, but sex and sleeping pills are two legal things that seem to slow me down some. But it wasn’t happening this night, I kept jumping up, thinking I had to go to the bathroom.

Finally, a little after midnight, I stood at the bathroom door, looking at my wife.

“Trump is gonna be the president. I’m going to start the gaming website.” I said in a zombie-like state. “What?!” She exclaimed, horrified. “What the hell are you talking about?!”

It makes sense in my mind, and it’s still a primary driver for me now. Regardless of political affiliation, Trump went into the race with far less knowledge and experience than Clinton. A good deal of people thought the whole nominee bid was joke, but he won. In my mind, a Donald Trump presidency means that I have no excuse for pushing off this site. If he can win presidency, I can make a successful site. It sounds stupid and ridiculous, because it is, but it’s still a primary driver.

And the Donald Keeps Giving

A few weeks after election night, and Meta Game is starting to take off. Google crawled us two weeks ago, we broke 1000 views earlier this week, and it looks like we might break 2000 today or tomorrow. All throughout this site setup, the Donald has been paying visits in his own way. Ever since winning the bid, he’s only increased the amount of dank memes he drops on social media. However, even more hilarious, my Google Analytics have been infested by bots reminding me to vote for trump.


This is a snippet from my analytics. Since inception to today (12/1/2016), we have had 318 people visit us from American English browsers. (Their browsers have the language set to en-us.) Notice the second most sessions, they’re coming from hackers with the language telling us to Vote for Trump! I don’t know why, but I find this hilarious. With the election as tight as it was, I think I may have discovered what gave Trump the edge after all…

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    Just as an update, we didn’t break 2k views this morning :'(

    We were off by 30 views

  • DubaDuber

    What a great story!

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