How Broken Games Are Ruining PC Gaming

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You may or may not have heard of the clusterfuck that was the Dishonored 2 launch on PC. It is just a highlight of the many ways that PC Gamers get it up the ass when it comes to multi-platform releases.

For example, the game runs fine on the PS4 and Xbox One (while fine systems) are completely slow and useless compared to my rig running a GTX 1070. On paper my build should run circles around the console versions, but alas, that is not the case. It’s a broken fucking mess on PC with promises from Bethesda that a fix will be coming soon.

We got a beta patch yesterday, but the game still fucking sucks, which isn’t fair. It’s not like PC Gamers paid less for the game, if anything, we paid more for the fucking thing as we can’t trade in our copies… Fuck you Gamestop.

It’d be forgiven if this was the first time this happened, but it’s fucking not! It happened with Batman: Arkham Knight and they never even fixed that bloody fucking mess. It happened with Street Fighter X Tekken, again never fixed. I had to do a metaphorical handstand while yanking my giant dick to get around Games for Windows on that game. It happened many more times, but I think the point is clear. We should not stand for this shit.

As long as we keep paying for these shitty ports, guess fucking what? They’ll keep coming. And they won’t care because they have your money. We have to take a stand as the Elitist Master PC Race that we are and not give them our money any more. If they’re not going to give us equal port priority, then they don’t deserve to get our money.

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    PC ports would be better if scum like you didn’t illegally pirate everything you can get your hands on.

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