Zero Time Dilemma – Great Game or GREATEST Game?

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Taking a break from partying and slamming chicks on the weekend, I spent some time with this little gem after my friend informed me that it was on Sale on Steam. This game did not disappoint.

This game is the third in the series. I have played both of the prequels (and absolutely loved them as I love any story-driven game), but for any newcomers I would not say that playing the prequels is an absolute necessity. In fact, for me, it took some of the immersion out of it a bit (just a bit, though).

WARNING: Spoiler waters beyond this point. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

My slight issue with what I said above (about the prequels) is that in this game a lot of characters from the previous games make appearances (Sigma, Phi, Junpei, Akane, to name some). One of the things that detracted from the immersion for me was the way some of these characters were written to behave. Take Junpei for example, on some of his endings he seems nothing like the more lovable protagonist from 999. It’s just certain portions, and it can be argued that some of these endings are not canon (because they’re technically not), but it did take a little bit out of it for me. Had I been a newcomer, and just read about the past I would have been just fine.

Now, on to the good (and there’s plenty of it). The game is heavy with an amazing narrative. It’s frustrating at first, but by the fact that you’re frustrated and left asking questions creates an investment to the characters in this world. The story is quite complicated and I am certain there are loop holes (with time travel, that is a guarantee), but nothing too glaring. It’s more of the intricate relationships the develop between the characters, and it does so without falling into the usual Anime/JRPG cliches.

The game part comes in with the puzzles, which are really clever and never leave you feeling like they did not make sense. I have played many an adventure game where this was the case, and thankfully not the case in this game.

Oh, and then there is the Mira effect:



I think that kind of speaks for itself. I don’t know of any women that would dress like that in an apocalyptic scenario, but it is very much appreciated.

Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma









          Big Tits Factor



            • Story is Amazing!
            • Puzzles are clever!
            • Graphics (On Steam) are great.
            • Lots of endings create near endless replayability. You'll be hooked for a while...
            • Mira is really hot. And she's a serial killer, which is weird...


            • Some minor character disconnect for long time fans in some of the story arcs.
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              This review is trash

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                Your face is trash.

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              I agree with the other aptly named Party Bus Johnson.

              This individual appears to have great tastes.

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