Nintendo’s Big Fuck You To the Fans

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You may or may not have heard… The Nintendo Classic came out. You also may have heard… It’s already sold out. I am the biggest (I should say was) Nintendo Fan-Boy ever. It was reasons like this that have jaded my perspective on Nintendo. They don’t take the consumer into consideration. How can they let this happen time and time again? It happened with the Nintendo Wii. It happened with Amiibo’s. It happened with the Smash Bros. peripherals. Why do they keep doing this? Why do we keep putting up with it?

As Nintendo Fan-Boys, we excuse this behavior. We can’t allow this anymore. Look at fucking Sony and Steam. They’re so charitable by comparison. I just am finding it harder to stick it with Nintendo based on how much they take advantage of the loyal consumers.


In March 2017, allegedly, Nintendo will be releasing the amazing looking Nintendo Switch. I literally shot a load when I saw that thing. I like partying, and this looks like the perfect console to have when you are going party to party and slamming chicks in different venues. But guess fucking what? It’ll probably be out of stock for months and I won’t get it. Because that’s just what Nintendo fucking does. I’m so over it.

I really hope Nintendo sees what these stupid oversights cause them. And we as consumers should be penalizing this behavior by not condoning it with our wallets. They still make amazing games… I am just sick of the way they have been doing things for a while.

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    I don’t agree. Nintendo has big and nice dick

  • Nintendo Classic Sux

    Fuck Nintendo. Fuck the NES Classic and fuck all entertainment companies period. Bunch of soulless jackasses.

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